Benson who?

I do custom woodwork and create furniture, lamps and light sculptures in Berlin, Germany.

When I first began to work in earnest with wood in 2004 I realised right away that I had a natural facility with woodworking, and an appreciation for its character, variety and malleability. Wood is unique, and each tree’s parts are one of a kind. There is no branch, board or slice quite like another. Wood is both hard and soft, light and dark, or as thin or as thick as I cut it. It is firm yet flexible. And so it lives and breathes well beyond being cut from the tree in which it grew. My love for it became evident in the care with which I began to work with it, and the pleasure that it gave me and others.

During the last year I began to work with light, LEDs and various types of resin. I want to explore ways of blending the natural organic shapes of wood with soft and warm internal illumination. I am trying combinations of materials and light sources in an attempt to find original light and sculpture ideas, and learn about how these materials interact with each other, with me, and with you!